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[Limited] Blue Lace Agate Plectrum 3

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Have You Ever Played A Pick So Incredibly Smooth?

Agate is an extremely hard material, compressed over time in the depths of the earth & essentially crystallized.
Because of its hardness (7 on the Mohs scale), it's very difficult to work with but the result is durability beyond belief...
When polished above 10k grit, you get a super slick striking edge that simply glides across the strings, leaving behind the pure resonance
of true TONE.
If you're the kind to lay down some real punishing riffs, this is the pick to choose!
It will take all you've got without a single scratch & ask for more.
To sweeten this deal, we've added a sharp point to keep you precise through the most strenuous sweep picking & tremolo onslaughts.

Yes, our picks are thick!
But as soon as you run through that first scale, you'll see just how comfortable they really are.
It's like you're actually holding something in your hand & not a paper thin piece of plastic.
The heaviness of the pick also adds to its striking power which equates to more sound,
without having to use more force.

To sweeten the deal of this very special & one-of-a-kind guitar pick, we'll also include one of our premium leather keychain carriers!
Take your new-found gem wherever you go & always be at the ready when its time to rock.

If you're serious about your tone, choose the die-hards who are here to offer you only the best.
All of our picks are backed by a 100% "Iron-First" satisfaction guarantee.
If you decide for whatever reason you're not completely happy with your new addition to your picking arsenal,
we will refund your full purchase price or exchange it for another pick of equal stature.

Need a tone that rings true? A pick that will outlast & outlive the rest?
How about an incredible work of art, that was crafted over thousands of years below the earths surface,
Only to aid you in your quest for unadulterated musical expression?
If so, this is the only pick for you but you best catch it quick, there will only ever be 1 of its kind!

This Blue Lace Agate Pick Features:
  • Incredible durability to keep you shredding into the next ice age
  • Super slick attack & release, feel it glide effortlessly across your strings!
  • Rounded & beveled point for ambidextrous playing & a smooth attack.
  • Laser etched logo adds a tactile grippy feel
  • For additional grip, check out our thumb-grip option
  • Makes a stunning gift for any hardcore guitar enthusiast
  • Each pick is totally unique & includes its own leather keychain carrier.

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