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[Limited] Blue Lace Agate Plectrum 2

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Quite Possibly The Only Pick You'll Ever Need

Crafted from an extremely hard material, compressed over time in the depths of the earth,
essentially crystallized.
This is Agate, and because of its incredibly hardness (7 on the Mohs scale),
it has enough durability that'll last you into the next ice age.

When polished above 10k grit (as we do), you get a super-slick beveled edge that glides flawlessly across the strings, leaving behind the pure resonance of brilliant tone.

If you're the kind to lay down some brutal riffs,
this pick will take all you've got without a single scratch & ask for more.
It really is fantastic for any genre & the tone on an acoustic guitar is unparalleled.

While our picks are considered thick by some players,
we promise that as soon as you run through that first lick,
you'll realize how comfortable they really are.
Consider it as actually holding something of substance & not a paper-thin piece of plastic.
The heaviness of the pick also adds to its striking power which equates to more sound,
without having to use more force.

As an added bonus, a leather keychain carrier is included for safe-keeping your new gem.
Now you can take it wherever you go or attach it to your gig bag, ready to jam when you are.

If you're serious about your the tools you use in your music, don't settle for less.
This pick is meticulously crafted & ready to outperform,
but remember - This limited gem might not be available next time around.

2.5mm thick
Sharp double sided bevel

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