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[Limited] Blue Lace Agate Plectrum 1

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Discover Instant & Lasting Tone
Similar to Quartz, Agate is incredibly hard.
It's compressed, molten in the fiery depths of the earth, & essentially crystallized.
According to the MOHs hardness scale, agate measures at astounding 7 - Tough as nails!
This is one durable pick for sure, one that you could cherish for many years to come.

Once polished, this is a pick that effortlessly glides across your strings.
It's a satisfying feeling that's only magnified by the brilliant tone it produces.
Best of all, there's virtually NO WEAR, even after a punishing jam-session.
Just imagine how many hours of enjoyment such a small crystal can bring.

However, please note that if you're someone who only plays with light gauge picks,
this might not be fore you.
If you value how comfortable a pick feels in your hand, this is a solid choice.
Not only does it feel right at home between your fingers,
but it also does a great deal as far as picking-control is concerned -
It puts you in charge & is exactly where you need it without missing a beat.

All in all, this is one to ring true of its tone.
One to outlast & outperform,
a very special piece for any serious guitarist or pick connoisseur.

As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%
we cannot promise this precious gem will be here next week,
or in a couple of days.
If you'd like to be the proud owner,
order yours today!

Leather pick-carrier is included for safekeeping

Round beveled tip
2.5mm thick

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