Iron Age Leather Strap Blocks

Keep You Axe Strapped On You At All Times

Secure your most valuable asset with our leather strap blocks.
They're just the right size to be functional & fit 99% of strap buttons out there.

Best of all, they'll keep your guitar looking great, so forget all those bottle gaskets & tacky red plastics out there.

These strap blocks install in just seconds & provide the security you need, whether you're rocking out in the garage or jamming hard on stage 

Protect Your Investment With Just A Simple Install

  • Made from a sturdy faux-leather for top tier durability & consistency (No animals were harmed making this awesome product)
  • Function AND Form, keep your 'precious' safe & looking good at all times.
  • Install in just seconds, no further modification necessary.
  • 2 Pairs of strap-blocks per order to keep your most valuable axes in check.

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