Iron Age Leather Strap Blocks

Iron Age Leather Strap Blocks

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Keep You Axe Strapped On You At All Times

Secure your most valuable asset with our leather strap blocks.
They're just the right size to be functional & fit 99% of strap buttons out there.

Best of all, they'll keep your guitar looking great, so forget all those bottle gaskets & tacky red plastics out there.

These strap blocks install in just seconds & provide the security you need, whether you're rocking out in the garage or jamming hard on stage 

Protect Your Investment With Just A Simple Install

  • Made from a sturdy faux-leather for top tier durability & consistency (No animals were harmed making this awesome product)
  • Function AND Form, keep your 'precious' safe & looking good at all times.
  • Install in just seconds, no further modification necessary.
  • 2 Pairs of strap-blocks per order to keep your most valuable axes in check.

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