Iron Age Guitar Picks (15pc)

Beware The Pick Trolls
Keep Stocked With An Abundance Of Plectrums.

While our main focus is to bring you quality handcrafted picks, sometimes you just need a few regular picks to hold you over for those moments that call for a special tone.

Perhaps you need to lend out a pick,
but you're afraid your gemstone plectrum might mysteriously vanish on its way back to you...
Or maybe you're like me & play the guitar in every room of the house :) 
These will come in handy for sure.

Whatever the case, we've got you covered so you're never left stranded.

These picks are highly resistant to abrasion & have a low co-efficient of friction.
After all, they're made from Delrin (POM) so you already know how smoothly they can glide over your strings.
Each assortment pack features 5 of each:
Red - 1.05mm (Heavy)
Black - .88mm (Medium)
White - .50mm (Light)
If you prefer a single thickness, simply select from Light, Med, or Heavy & click "Add to Cart"
Iron Age
Choose your weapon, aim high, & strum away with confidence!

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