Iron Age Guitar Picks (15pc)

Iron Age Guitar Picks (15pc)

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Beware The Pick Trolls
Keep Stocked With An Abundance Of Plectrums.

While our main focus is to bring you quality handcrafted picks, sometimes you just need a few regular picks to hold you over for those moments that call for a special tone.

Perhaps you need to lend out a pick,
but you're afraid your gemstone plectrum might mysteriously vanish on its way back to you...
Or maybe you're like me & play the guitar in every room of the house :) 
These will come in handy for sure.

Whatever the case, we've got you covered so you're never left stranded.

These picks are highly resistant to abrasion & have a low co-efficient of friction.
After all, they're made from Delrin (POM) so you already know how smoothly they can glide over your strings.
Each assortment pack features 5 of each:
Red - 1.05mm (Heavy)
Black - .88mm (Medium)
White - .50mm (Light)
If you prefer a single thickness, simply select from Light, Med, or Heavy & click "Add to Cart"
Iron Age
Choose your weapon, aim high, & strum away with confidence!

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