Tried & True Design
Keep your cool indoors & play precise

The Spearhead - The Unfurled Standard

And this new year,
we pass on our torch & spotlight over to the working musician.

To a long-time fan & talented artist, Issielle (ICE).
That's who this limited edition pick is dedicated to.

But also the aspiring, the ever improving,
and the artists who are in it to win against all odds.

Now, if you've ever played one of our spearheads,
you know it's a versatile piece of gear.

-Aggressive, if need be.
-Subtle, in the right hands.
-Small & Agile, but perhaps significant.

It's definitely a mean looking pick, but useful in many genres.
Here's the latest in design,
featuring a sharper point (precision),
and improved edges (playability).

Need something with more grip?
Each is brushed with a coarse grit,
resulting in a grabby matte texture.

Then, hand-beveled (never machined) with a fine grit,
leaving behind a soft satin finish on the edges.

The result is a smooth glide across the strings,
and a subtle enhancement in presence.

Million dollar question:
"Do they glow?"

Each features a distinct ICE logo in aqua-blue.
(It really stands out under UV blacklights)

You can even charge it in direct sunlight,
although any light source will work.
(The more ultra-violet, the faster it charges)

And don't forget to say hi to the featured artist,
follow along on >Instagram<
or visit Issielle's >Homepage< to listen in.

Pick Specifications: 29*22.5mm 3mm Thick

(Custom thickness available from 2.5 to 4mm - leave a comment at checkout to specify, or a 3mm pick will be sent out)


This listing is for a pre-order of 32 picks.

Each pick is being made to order so please allow up to 5 days for fulfillment.

Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received starting the 1st week of February.

A notification will be sent through e-mail as soon as your pick is ready to ship.

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