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Helios-3 Guitar Pick

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Light Up The Stage
From Dusk Till Dawn

Illuminate the center-stage as the holder of the sun.
This is a special plectrum for those who burn twice as bright,
and appreciate the finest in handcrafted tone.

The Helios-3 is a glow-in-the-dark jazz styled pick,
specially crafted from a small batch of phosphorescent "cell-cast" acrylic.

The benefit of cast acrylic, being that it's much less prone to stress cracking when exposed to temperature changes & solvents. It costs a bit more, but the added integrity is worth it versus the more commonly found "extruded" acrylic sheets (which can crack when exposed to alcohol).
Each pick is 100% handmade from scratch & features a brushed finish for a firm textured-grip. The edges are then carefully feathered to a light satin finish for a smooth & quick strike across the strings.

This is one tough pick that's ready for battle right out of the gates.
Charge it with a bright led (a mini UV-flashlight works great!) and watch it radiate its awesome glow!

Only 25 picks of each color were produced,
and this is the last batch of "new" picks that Iron Age will be releasing until spring of 2017.


These will be available until Sunday the 16th,
but we cannot guarantee they will even last until then.
Order yours today while supplies last!

As a bonus,
We'll also include a carbon fiber jazz3 with each single pick.
If you decide to get a 2nd Helios-3 pick or complete a set of blue/green,
we'll also include an additional standard size carbon fiber pick as a complement.

These carbon fiber picks are one of the highest rated picks we carry,
but now you can give em a shot if you haven't already - absolutely free.

Dimensions: 26*25, 3.25mm Thick

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