Light Up The Stage
From Dusk Till Dawn

Illuminate the center-stage as the holder of the sun.
This is a special plectrum for those who burn twice as bright,
and appreciate the finest in handcrafted tone.

The Helios-3 is a glow-in-the-dark jazz styled pick,
specially crafted from a small batch of phosphorescent "cell-cast" acrylic.

Although cast acrylic has a higher cost,
the added integrity is well worth it.

It's more resiliant to experature changes,
& less prone to stress cracking from common household solvents (like alcohol).

Not to mention its superior durability when compared to "extruded" types of
acrylic which tend to feel more 'plastic-y'.

This is a solid pick - precision cut, and meticulously hand-finished.
You can expect a subtle brushed texture all around that's easy to hold onto..

The edges are carefully feathered to a satin finish,
this adds a pleasant bite to your tone.

If you prefer the least friction possible,
we can also polish the bevels for a slick attack off the strings.
Just leave a comment with your order at checkout.

This pick is ready for battle right out of the gates.
But perhaps its most distinct feature is its radiant glow.

It can be charged in minutes with direct sunlight or a UV light.
Most indoor lights will also do,
including the flashlight built into most phones.

Pick Dimensions: 28*26.5, ~3.25mm Thick

*The green ones glow about twice as bright ☀ 

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