Yellow Aventurine

Like A Drop Of Honey

Golden Hues of Translucent Goodness

If you're looking for a great way to add a touch of personality to your guitar, then perhaps you might consider a swift change in controls. Perhaps to something a bit more palatable to your tastes & with a quality you can instantly feel.

Why change out your volume & tone controls? Well there's just something about rolling that volume knob for the first time that says it's "Go-Time". They're the first things you reach for after plugging in, and unfortunately one of the most overlooked aspects of the instrument.


Having a flimsy plastic piece here or a dully average one, falls nothing short of less-than-inspiring. Even on some high-end guitars these details are often overlooked in favor of the same-old hardware selection that's been around for decades.


Now you can add a touch of customization to your favorite axe & feel like you've won the jackpot every time you roll those controls. It makes adjusting your levels a joy & a more deliberate experience.

That's because each top is handmade from genuine yellow aventurine stone & polished to a brilliant shine. They're then mated with a machined solid-metal base (available in 3 finishes) which feature diamond knurling for enhanced looks & grip.

It's quality you can instantly feel at your fingertips. "They're built like a tank" as some have described them, and the aim is to surely have them last. 


Installation is a breeze & can be done in no-time flat. Due to their push-on style, no tools are required. Simply remove the old knobs, & carefully install the new ones.

Each knob sold individually & made to order.

Place your order today, and get ready to enjoy the custom look & feel that only quality parts can bring.



2cm*2cm piece
Fits most common 6mm coarse potentiometers.
Sold individually, please specify quantity & count your splines.

Knob Color

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