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The Seafoam Rises

Custom Looks With A Touch Of Luxury

Give your guitar a one-of-a-kind look & genuine feel that starts with the details. All it takes is a quick knob swap, and you're no longer looking at just any guitar, but a personalized instrument.

It's all quality stuff too, from the carefully shaped turquoise tops, to the heavy metal bases. You'll definitely feel a difference the first time you pick up one of these gems.

With so many base colors, you're likely to match these up to just about any guitar, Although we hear these look outstanding on white guitars.Add these tops to a gold base & you're looking at a real classy axe.

Installation takes no time at all too, no tools required either. Just pop off the old hardware & carefully press on these turquoise beauties. It's that simple & the result is a more attractive guitar, and one with a bit of personality.



Each sold individually & made to order.

Being one of our most popular tops, these like to go pretty fast! So grab yourself a set today, you'll be glad you did :)



2cm*2cm piece
Fits most common 6mm coarse potentiometers.
Sold individually, please specify quantity & count your potentiometer splines.

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