Tigers Eye

Tiger's Prowess At Your Fingertips

Transform Your Guitar With 2 Distinct Stone Colors

Make your guitar YOUR guitar, with these custom guitar knobs. They're an easy-to-install addition to give your axe an outstanding custom look.

Want to replace your stock parts for something more lively? Perhaps something sure to catch some eyes from all directions? Well we're now offering these holographic tigers eye stones in 2 killer tones, Blue & Gold. Both offering an unmistakable transformation that glimmers in the light.

Want to feel in control of every nuance as you turn up to 11? Replace your knobs for a quality piece like this & get the both of best worlds and turning becomes a deliberate motion & looks that are simply fierce.

Installation is dead-simple, all you've got to do is carefully remove your stock knobs (some may need to wrap a cloth around the base for those stubborn parts), and then simple push these ones on. Absolutely no tools required.

Each knob features a handcrafted jewelry-grade stone top, polished to a brilliant shine. The knobs themselves, are all-metal, precision machined, and feature diamond knurling for an iron-grip. The result is a quality piece that not only feels great in your hand, but is built like a tank. 

Each sold individually & made to order.

Get ready to unleash the beast & order your set today!



Dimension: 2cm diameter x 2cm tall
Fits most 6mm coarse potentiometers such as these Alpha Pots.

Sold individually, please specify quantity & double-check your potentiometer splines.

Coarse Knurling, 18 spline, Guitar Knobs

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