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Hell Shells

Take A Walk Beyond The 7 Gates

A Vulgar Display of Grotesque Fascination

Want to add a custom look to your favorite axe? How about an astonishing display of nature you won't find anywhere else? These knobs are something else.

They'll definitely add a custom look, taking on various flamed & quilted appearances, much like (dis)figured maple. The "Giger" vibe is strong here, and transmuted with radiant shimmers of ominous presence.

All it takes is a quick change in knobs to add a whole new hellish character to your guitar, and a well-built quality you can feel every time you're ready to rock.

Each top is made from real seashell so no two pieces are the same. This just adds to the uniqueness. The knob bases themselves are some real heavy metal, they're machined with precision & knurled for additional grip.

Installation is incredibly simple, and no tools are needed. Simply remove your current knobs, and carefully press these alluring abominations on.

Please Note:

 If you would prefer some more gnarly looking shells, with growths (and disfigurements) of green & brown, we can make it happen.

We can also find some cleaner & more uniform specimens for you, ones that are more akin to white pearl & figured maple. All you gotta do is leave a comment with your order letting us know & we'll choose the the finest pieces in stock for you.


Each sold individually & made to order. Available in 3 distinct finishes to best match your existing hardware.

Grab a pair today & get ready to transform your axe into a luxurious, yet grotesque display of character.



Dimension: 2cm diameter x 2cm tall
Fits most 6mm coarse potentiometers such as these Alpha Pots.

Sold individually, please specify quantity & double-check your potentiometer splines.

Coarse Knurling, 18 spline, Guitar Knobs

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