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Green Aventurine

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Venture Forth

Greener Pastures, Better Looks, & Precise Functionality.

Looking to add a bit of customization to your favorite axe? Here's a double whammy with an easy to install mod that not only makes your guitar more personable, but allows you to adjust your levels with a fine precision.

Yes it's all possible with a simple change in knobs. After all, each knob is made from genuine green aventurine stones, making each piece totally unique form the next. The knobs themselves are no flimsy plastic or half-hearted metal either. No, this is some solid stuff that's been carefully machined & diamond-knurled for a subtle enhancement in grip.

We guarantee you'll feel the a real nice difference when you pick these up & roll them up for the very first time. It's a simple, yet pleasant experience that only a top quality part like this can bring.

Installation only takes a minute or two & doesn't require any tools, these are all push-on knobs.Just pop the old ones off & carefully press these on.


Each sold individually & made to order. Available in 3 finishes.

Yes the grass really is greener on this side, check it out for yourself & grab yourself a set of these outstanding knobs.



2cm*2cm piece
Fits most common 6mm coarse potentiometers.
Sold individually, please specify quantity & count your potentiometer splines.

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