Gold Sandstone

A Golden Opportunity

Change The Look & Feel Of Your Guitar In 3 Minutes Flat.

Since the blue sandstone guitar knobs were such a big hit, we bring you a lighter shade of awesome, with the same brilliant appearance.

What's the 1st thing you reach for before laying down the riffs heavy? The VOLUME knob. If you're one to seek that perfect sweet spot for your sound, the TONE knob comes in at a close 2nd.

These are essential parts of your guitar, and grabbing something flimsy here can be something less than confidence-inspiring. This is especially true with some higher end guitars that lack the small details they truly deserve.

Want to feel in control of every nuance as you turn up to 11? Replace those plastic parts for some heavy metal diamond-knurled brass.

Installation is dead simple, just carefully pull the old part off, and install the fresh piece to revitalize your favorite axe. No tools required.

It's a solid quality you can feel every time you pick up your instrument. Looks a hell of a lot better too, that is depending if pink is your color of choice.

All tops are polished to a brilliant shine, and handmade from genuine rose quartz. Subtle, with a touch of luxury. Each rosy stone sits on a solid piece of machined brass, available in 3 distinct finishes to match the rest of your hardware.


Each sold individually & made to order.

Order today - Enjoy the custom look & feel of quality parts on your deserving guitar.



Dimension: 2cm diameter x 2cm tall
Fits most 6mm coarse potentiometers such as these Alpha Pots.

Sold individually, please specify quantity & double-check your potentiometer splines.

Coarse Knurling, 18 spline, Guitar Knobs

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