Blue Sandstone

A Starry Abyss

To Gaze Back Into You

Infuse your guitar with a sense of wonder & nebulous fascination. Here's a simple guitar mod to transform both the look & feel of any instrument.

These handmade sandstone tops are truly a sight to behold. From the deep, subtle blues, to flecks of gold, silver, & what appears to be the reflections of a million suns.

Guitar knobs are hardware that is overlooked many times, but an essential part of any instrument. Why not upgrade from the dully average offerings found time & time again in the past aeons?

These are a sure way to add some personality to your guitar,  making it stand out as a one-of-a-kind instrument. After all, your playing is unique, and so why not the instrument you play as well?

The feel as you turn these gives a sense of pleasant deliberation. They're nice & heavy or "Built-Like-A-Tank" as many have put it. It comes from a combination of the genuine sandstone top, and an all-metal machined bottom. The fine detail is in the diamond knurling to offer you some extra grip.

Installation is no problem & only takes a minute or two depending on how many knobs you're replacing. Simply remove the stock hardware, carefully push these nebulous wonders on, and enjoy the endless nightsky at your fingertips.



Each sold individually & made to order.

Add the icing to the cake & complete your guitar with a custom look you won't find anywhere else, grab a set today!



Dimension: 2cm diameter x 2cm tall
Fits most 6mm coarse potentiometers such as these Alpha Pots.

Sold individually, please specify quantity & double-check your potentiometer splines.

Coarse Knurling, 18 spline, Guitar Knobs

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