For Its Majesty

Of Courage, Refinement, & Mystery

If there were only more stones with such a deep meaning, history, & splendor. Then perhaps they would only come 2nd to this precious amethyst.

From the amethyst's various hues of purple, radiates the royalty of kings, the sacredness of olden religions, and it bleeds the courage of those wounded in battle. 

It is piety & vanity rolled into one. An extravagant display of ambiguity.

If such an appeal moves you, then perhaps this is the choice knob for you.

...And we couldn't possible mate such a revered stone with any lesser knob base. Oh no, not some plasticy or melted pot-metal knob.

We can only offer to you the highest quality build. Of solid metal, precision machining, & diamond knurling for grip. It is on this solid base, that we crown the majestic amethyst for you to enjoy.

Be it in visual admiration, in spirit of all things representing, or in feeling as roll your volume on & experience a satisfying precision every time.

Lucky for you, the amethyst is available in 3 knob bases. Black, Chrome, &  a Vintage Gold, so you can match them to just about any guitar on hand.


Each is sold individually & made to order.

Order your set today & craft your own piece of history, the power of music has no bounds.



2cm*2cm piece
Fits most common 6mm coarse potentiometers.
Sold individually, please specify quantity & count your potentiometer splines.

Knob Color

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