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Fenrir's Fang Valhalla Edition

Assassin's Creed
In lieu of the latest game release

We've created this limited edition plectrum
that's based on one of our highest rated picks,
the Fenrir's Fang.

This time we've crafted the "Fang"
from a 3.5mm pearlescent blue material
with a likeness to the scales of Jörmungandr.

And with a combination of Fenrir & the "World Serpent",
you could say this is a pick of apocalyptic proportions.
Yet its smooth satin finish & gilded engravings
would suggest a much more luxurious plectrum.

Each pick is available individually
and each one was hand-finished by our lead craftsman Ethan
who is a huge Assassins' Creed fan.

With enough feedback from this round of picks
we will consider a bigger 2nd batch.
But this 1st batch is limited to just 8 picks.
All picks are ready-made & ready to ship!

33.5 x 23 x 3.5mm

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