Exotic Wood Jazz3 (Single Picks)

Unleash Your Most Expressive Tone

Smooth Precision Meets Distinction

You might already know,

greatness starts with a rock-solid foundation.


But having the right tools is also important.


Just as the masterful artist has a palette of colors to create the opus.

Every stroke of the brush, every exquisite texture,

and every virtuous hue - Makes an impact.


Many can get by with a run-of-the-mil .73mm pick,

but for those looking to uncover a new inspiration,

there's something about natural timber that lets the imagination run wild.


Perhaps it's the wondrous grains,

intricately woven by mother nature herself.

Maybe it's the unique textures that grip tightly in your grasp...

or the marvel of a finely crafted plectrum that incites your own creativity.


Whatever the case, one thing is for certain.


There's plenty of colorful timbers, sounds, & textures here

to point you towards finding a new angle in your art & expression.


Never tried a wooden guitar pick before?

Although much thicker than an average pick,

you might find them surprisingly light weight!


Playability is retained by carefully beveling & tapering the tip of the pick down to a more familiar 1mm.


Also resulting from its size,

is a subtle relaxation of the hand & a remarkable grip.

(Thanks to the wood's naturally porous surface & grain)


So what about tone?

It's common knowledge that different building materials will affect a guitar's (acoustic) resonance.

What we've done is gather premium-cut samples of timber from around the globe just for you.

Different densities, grains, & compositions to give you a wide array of woody tones to keep you experimenting for days.


You can expect a distinctly warm sound from many of these woods,

while a brighter sound can be obtained from harder materials like Ebony & coconut shell.


Overall, each pick will have its own unique tonal characteristic & feel in your hand.



not all wood picks out there are made with the same attention to detail.

Some vendors will tell you they're all the same & offer little more than a flat "pick blank".


Don't settle for sub-par plectrums,

ones that lack the same attention-to-detail you put into your own music.


We carefully shape, sand, & buff each of our picks,

always striving to establish a new standard

of how a quality guitar pick should feel & play.

(No splintering here) 

Current Timbers To Choose From:

  • Black Palm
  • Bolivian (Santos) Rosewood
  • Coconut Shell
  • Indian Rosewood
  • Macassar Ebony
  • Padauk 


Whether for yourself or as a gift,

which ever picks you choose are a perfect ready-gift for any seasoned guitar enthusiast or pick connoisseur.


Dimensions: 26*25mm 2.5-3mm Thick

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