Dave Dunsire Signature

Buttery-Smooth - Yet Tough-As-Nails
From Metal to Jazz, This Pick Fuses Performance with Durability.

As you might already know...

Dave Dunsire is an up-and-coming musician.
He's shared the stage along with Sarah Longfield (The Fine Constant),
Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit), Angel Vivaldi, and even Marty Friedman.

Demand More From Your Pick
Dave's music can take on many exacting forms,
from cinematic instrumentals, to fluid fusions of sweeping Jazz & heavy Metal.
It's music that transmutes through many textures & forms to ultimately tell its tale.

The pick material had to withstand the rigor.
The design had to prove versatile.

The material chosen for the task, was Ultem1000.
It's a high performance engineering thermoplastic that provides
a superior strength & stiffness.
Ultem can be finished to a mirror polish for silky-smooth, effortless playing.
It's also mighty resiliant and will hold up to even the highest standard of durability.

And to give Dave's pick a remarkable look on & off the stage,
it features a glow-in-the-dark engraving.
This gives this pick a radiant quality as the edges light up,
especially when under playing blacklights.

Would You Like A Fresh Pack of Strings With That?
Not only do you receive a silky-smooth playing pick,
(A pick that will have "all the notes" flowing effortlessly)
but you'll also receive a FREE pack of GHS "Progressives".

These strings are being co-sponsored by GHS themselves.
If you need just a hint more power in your sound,
theyre definitely worth a try.

These are made with "filament-grade" alloy,
for strings that are more magnetically active.
This aids to produce singing-sustain & enduring longevity.
A perfect pair for a plectrum of this caliber.

If You Want a Fluid Playing Experience, Look No Further.
Only a few of these signature packages will be made available!

You'll get :
• Less Pick noise
• More precise playing (brought to you by a supremely-polished bevel edge)
• Less pick fumbling
• More concentrating on your music (thanks to the fine matte-finished grip)
• Less pick wear
• More time playing ALL THE NOTES! (Durability & endurance is key!)
• More awesome glow-in-the-dark aesthetics
• MORE Fresh-string goodness (or a killer Carbon Fiber pick)

AND you'll be helping to support Dave to release his upcoming album!
(Hint: It may or may not be called "Spirare" but you didn't hear it from me)

Direct Support To The Artist
That's right,
AND you'll be helping to produce Dave's latest album.

That's because HALF,
50% of the package price,
will be going to Dave to aid in the album release this summer.

It might not be an enormous amount,
but it's a personal contribution that you're making.
(Thank you!)

Limited Signature Edition
There are only 34 picks available,
and only the first 24 will receive a free pack of GHS strings.

If you want the best deal around, be sure to opt-in today!
Orders past the first 24 will receive a complementary carbon fiber jazz pick.

All In All
You'll receive an awesome glow-in-the dark signature pick, a fresh set of
GHS Progressive strings (or real carbon fiber jazz pick), and you'll be helping to make a dream into a reality!

Bonuses (But wait - there's more)
As part of this special deal,
Airis Effects & Elysian pickups (both of which Dave uses)
have extended their own exclusive promo-codes for this event.

Save $5 on the Airis Savage Drive pedal w/ code: DavesNotHere
or Save 10% on any Elysian Pickups w/code: DaveDunsire


Dimensions: 27*24 and 3mm thick

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