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Burl Ring (NEW)

"Play In Style"
Simple, Elegant, Unique

  • It's a guitarist thing.
    We take note of a fine timber.

    Whether it's a classic rosewood fret-board,
    or a beautifully quilted maple top.

    There's something in our genes
    that appreciates the art found in nature.

    It's one of a kind.

    And if you like a good burled wood,
    now you can take that wonderful grain with you.

    Wear it out into the nightlight,
    or on the daily to compliment your style.

    Each of these burl rings is made to order,
    just leave a note with your order regarding your ring size.

    -Each ring is about 9mm wide,
    a generous size without being bulky.

    -Each ring is absolutely unique,
    no two will ever be the same.

    -Each ring will have its own character,
    so slight variations in the wood may be present.

    Please allow an additional 3-4 days to custom make your ring.
  • Don't know what ring size you are?

    Simply take a string or strip of paper & wrap it around your finger
    (not too tight!) to get the circumference of your finger.

    Then just measure the length & add this measurement to your order notes
    (Preferably in millimeters, it's more accurate).

    We'll take care of the rest.

    Below you can see the measurements we are using to size our rings: 

    Iron Age Burl Ring Sizes


  • How To Take Care of Your Wooden Ring

    Obviously these wooden rings are not as durable as say titanium or steel.
    However durability can still be prolonged & your ring kept looking great.

    It all starts with the choice of materials.
    Only prime cuts of wood that's been stabilized are used to make your ring.

    That means the wood pores have been impregnated with acrylic
    to enhance its structural integrity, durability, & provide a fine finish.

    Some things to avoid:
    -Lifting heavy weights (at the gym or helping a friend move furniture)
    -Manual labor that requires you to "roll up your sleeves"
    -Abrasive surfaces that could scratch your ring
    -Cleaning solvents or chemicals of any kind
    -Bathing or swimming with your ring on,
    hand washing should be kept to a minimum while wearing the ring.

    Things you can do:
    -Shake your fist in the air and/or throw the horns
    -Rock out while looking good (of course)

    You can occasionally apply a dab of beeswax to your ring to bring out an extra bit of shine if it ever starts to get dry.
    However the acrylic mixed in should help to keep your ring protected & a nice satin finish had. 


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