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Brass & Copper Classics

Mellow Down & Tune Up
Bright & Articulate Tones To Unwind

It's like an everlasting chime of a bell, sweet & resonant as it strums across the strings.
These aren't your conventional picks, but likewise, produce a unique sound of their own.

Each is carefully hand-finished from a refined brass & copper alloys, relatively soft metals, which means they won't harm your strings like harder steel or titanium picks.

(On the MOH hardness scale, brass & copper are a 3, Steel is 4-4.5, and titanium is 6.)
Still, they're sturdy enough to last you hours upon hours of enjoyable playability.

The tone is articulate; the feel is pleasantly smooth as they glide across the strings. That's because we refine our bevels to a satin finish before polishing them to a reflective gloss.

Perhaps best of all, is the amazing grip they possess. Not only are they deeply engraved but the brushed finish subtly grabs onto every bit of your thumb.

It really is a great feel, it's a weighty pick with plenty of heft that produces a unique tone. You could find a similar one for half the price on etsy, as well as ones that cost twice as much.

The difference?

We handcraft ours with the guitarist in mind. These are a player's pick, not just decorations. Each one is specially made to perform in terms of grip, tone, playability, & presentation.

That's the Iron Age difference.

Need a well-made pick for strumming arpeggios or jammin' some hot leads? 
This will do, plus take on some chunky rhythms, clean acoustic passages, & more. It's a great "chill out" pick for the end of the day when you just want to kick back, tune up, & strum a lick.

Outstanding option for Bass & Mandolin too!

Size & specs? Just a hair sharper that our traditional delrin picks (Shown), and a generous 1.25mm in thickness.

Definitely a must try if you've never played a metal pick or have only used the more common steel picks from large manufacturers.



These are the 2017 updated versions which are flat (no longer cupped).

The brass versions offer a more crisp & bright tone, while the copper produce a warmer sound. Both offer a nice contrast in sound & complementary to any pick collection.


NEW for 2018: Now available in a smaller Jazz shape (Size 27*24mm). Get the same weighty feel & clear sound in a smaller package. Sounds excellent on an acoustic & really makes the strings sing!

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