Brass & Copper Pick Set (2pc)

Brass & Copper Pick Set (2pc)

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Mellow Down & Tune Up
Bright & Articulate Tones To Unwind
They're like an everlasting chime of a bell, sweet & resonant as they strum across the strings.
These aren't your conventional picks, but likewise, produce a unique sound of their own.

Handmade from two relatively softer metals (Brass & Copper) which means they won't harm your strings,
yet they're sturdy enough to last you hours of enjoyable playability.

The tone is articulate, the feel is smooth,
but the they've also got a solid grip that's aided by the metal's natural oxidation over time.
You could say that they age well.

Great for arpeggios & other hot leads,
to chunky rhythms and outstanding acoustic passages.

Because they give a slight bump in volume compared to plastic picks,
great on Bass & Mandolin too!

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