Write For Us & Get Rewarded

Are you a seasoned player with special knowledge you would like to share?

Expert on a certain guitar-related topic?

Do you love to write or have your very own blog?


Iron Age is looking for a few good wordsmiths to feature on our site.

All you've got to do is write an outstanding article on an agreeable topic

and we'll compensate you for your time & effort.



What's In It For You

For this service, we're offering a monetary compensation as well as free gear from our store.

Also if you own your own website, you may include 2 links of your choosing in the article you wrote.

These 2 links will help give credibility to your website in the eyes of google & will potentially bring more traffic to your website.


  • The starting rate is $.04/per word, up to 1000 words (500 word minimum)
  • From 1000 to 2000, it's .05/per word
  • Finally, anything above 2k words, is counted at .06/per word

For example: an 800 word article is payed at $32, 1800 words at $90, and 2800 words at $168.

Secure payment is handled through PayPal. 


You will also receive some Iron Age gear of your choosing.

That's anything from a few picks, to a set of knobs, or a killswitch.

Just like the pricing tiers above, the more you write, the bigger the combo we'll be able to compensate you.


Last but not least, is the SEO benefit of having your website linked to ours through the article you write.

This helps both parties get found on the search engine & gives credibility by association.

You may include 2 website links of your choosing in the article you write.


What We're Looking For

For our blog, we're looking for informative content that can be put to use by other guitarist.

We want our quality articles to be actionable if possible, or give a greater insight into their specific topics.

Well-researched topics are appreciated & entertaining posts are also welcome, just as long as they're well written.

The minimum number of words in an article is 500.


If you're interested in writing for us, just shoot us an e-mail with your topic,

writing background or expertise, your website if you have one, and any writing samples you might have.

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