Looking to create your own signature pick?

We now offer custom picks for those looking for a personalized option.

You can now select from various materials, finishes, engravings, & pick shapes -The choice is yours.

From a polished aesthetic to something more rough around the edges, each batch of picks is made specially for you.

To begin your order or see the options available,
click/tap the link below for the order form.

Just send this form in to us & we'll contact you shortly to discuss your specifications or any concerns you might have.
Once everything is agreed, we will send you a custom invoice for the final checkout.

Custom Pick Order Form

Pro Photos & Shoutouts

Also included with each order
is a set of professional photographs showcasing your new custom picks.
These will be shared with you via Instagram or E-mail.

And for a bit more exposure,
we will also provide a shoutout on our instagram page @Iron_Age_Guitar
by showcasing your picks & tagging you in the post.

If you're ready for us to craft your very own custom picks,
let us know what you have in mind by clicking below.

Custom Pick Order Form

Q: Can I order just 1 or 2 custom picks?
A: Sorry we require a minimum order of 12 picks per custom order, however the costs are based on reduced wholesale pricing.
For personalized engravings on a single pick, please see our >Pick Engraving Service<

Q: Can I divide my 12 picks into various shapes?
A: Yes, if you want to split the picks into various shapes like x6 Standard & x6 Jazz picks, we can do that.
Just let us know when we reach out to you after sending in your order form.

Q: How long does it take to complete a custom pick order?
A: Orders are typically completed within 5-10 business days once payment has been received.

Q: What countries do you ship to & what are the shipping rates?
A: As our shipping policy states, the only countries available for shipping (besides the US)
are the Canada, Germany, and the UK.
International rates are $15USD per package for custom pick orders.
Domestic rates are $10USD using USPS Priority Shipping.

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