Texas Rattler

Don't Mess With Texas
You Best Tread Lightly With This One

It's a pick with a venomous bite,
and an intoxicating swiftness that will keep you playing all night.

Catch One If You Can
This guitar pick is unique even by Iron Age standards.

It's only ever made once or twice a year,
and so it stands as a limited edition item.

The material itself is very similar to our (faux) Ivory series,
so it's very dense and behaves much like natural bone does.

The difference is its pearlescent snakeskin pattern
which is unique on every pick - It's striking to say the least.

To take this pick up a notch,
a neon green (glow-in-the-dark) Texas star was added,
along with 2 snakebite holes (for keychains or necklaces)

It's quite a sight to behold in dim environments
and the engravings charge quickly with direct sun & UV blacklight.

At the very least,
you'll have no problem spotting this pick wherever it may roam.

A Sound To Rattle Skulls
The point & tone on this pick is something vicious.

The extremely pointed tip,
coupled with the dense material really brings out the higher frequencies.
So this a good pick for precise leads but also works down low.

There's plenty of bite & the attack is lightning fast.

These picks are also designed with minimal beveling,
which allows them to take shape & wear down to your natural angle of playing.
Over time, they become a sort of "custom-fit" to your style of picking.

How It's Made

Sizing & Dimensions
The TX Rattler measures in at 32*24mm,
just as narrow as the Spearhead with added length & a razor-like point.

Just for reference, a standard 351-style pick measure in at 30*26mm

As far as thickness goes, this Rattler batch is 4.75mm thick,
with a sharp (so sharp) taper down to about 1mm at the tip.

Limited to 30 pieces,
proudly handmade in Texas USA

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