Blood-Reign Spearhead

Swift, Sharp, & Deadly
A Bloody Reign For A Limited Time

If our Spearhead picks weren't already aggressive enough,
now they're available in a metallic blood-splatter finish.

With an average rating of 5/5 stars from 50 reviews and counting,
The Spearhead is one of our flagship products for a reason.

This pick not only looks like a bone-shredder,
it also performs with speed & accuracy
while providing a solid grip to hold onto and
steadfast durability.

Much like the original Spearhead from the Parthenon Collection,
this one also features satin-textured edges
which give it a slight (but smooth) drag across the strings
to accentuate pick attack without feeling gritty.

It's also made from the same dense ivoroid material
which feels substantial to hold without being cumbersome.
Coarse textured faces are also a standard which are
paired with our Sword & Laurel engraving for enhanced grip.

Metallized Blood
Apart from the originals,
these also feature a black engraving which makes for a stark contrast
against the creamy ivoroid material and a striking blood-splatter finish.
Because the blood splattering has to be done by hand,
each pick will feature it's own unique pattern.
No two picks will look exactly the same.

Each of these picks measures in at about 29*24mm
with a profile similar to an elongated jazz3 or a tortex sharp pick.
The standard thickness is also 4mm to where they're chunky at the gripping faces
but still razor-sharp at the playing tips.

Limited Edition
This batch of Bloodied Spearheads will only be available for the month of October.
There's no limit on how many you can buy but will only be made for the next couple of weeks.
Also because of the extended process that it takes to make these vs the original Parthenon Spearhead,
build time could potentially be an extra day or two (so 2-4 days)

This is NOT a pre-order. Picks will be ready to ship out as soon as possible if not immediately.

Don't miss out on this month's special
and grab one of these menacing weapons of mass destruction!

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