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Iron Age| Wholesale

Luthiers, Repair Shops, & Retailers

Iron Age kill-switches are now available to you at dealer prices!


What's in it for you:

Highly Reviewed - Just look to the killswitch product pages and you'll see dozens upon dozens of satisfied customers. From a wide variety of genres & instruments, it shows the versatility of Iron Age switches, and their ability to surpass expectation.

Installation Up-sells - If you're working on guitars or have an in-house guitar tech, these switches are a great opportunity to offer additional service. Yes the switch itself can be sold, but also the convenience of professional installation done by you or your team.

Ease of Install - The installation process is quite simple, and once you've gone through once or twice, it's can be done with ease. All Iron Age switches are the same size & so the process is further streamlined when doing several installs.

Reputable Branding - Iron Age pioneered these switches in 2015, and continues to refine itself as a brand of prestige. It's this reputation that is transferred to you. Whether you're building an instrument or looking to expand your offerings as a dealer. You receive the original, the flagship, not any weightless generic.

OEM Look & Feel - As stated above, these switches can be installed into just about any guitar& look great! They feel sturdy & inspire confidence, a perfect fit for any build or project. It's as if they where installed originally during manufacturing.

Low MOQ - Minimum order quantity is kept low to allow smaller organizations access. The quantity required per order is currently 12 switches.



As is customary in wholesale pricing, the cost of these switches & everything else in the "Killswitch" category is 50% off. That goes for both US & International buyers. Transactions are completed through this website as a normal transaction using invoicing. Contact us using the link in the footer for further information or if  you would like to place an order, let us know which products & quantities you would like to start off with.



USPS Priority shipping starts at $10 for the first pound & about $16 for 2. Transit time is about 3-5 days.


For international orders, we only offer the fastest & most secure option which is through DHL Worldwide Express.

It's a premium expense at about $35-45 to start but this service offers door-to-door tracking (worldwide), requires a signature to receive the package, and has a short transit time of only 3-4 days to most parts of the world.


If you have any questions at all, or are ready to place an order, please Contact Us using the form below. 

Our guitar knobs are not available for wholesale but we can take on wholesale orders for handmade picks using the same rates stated above.

Thank you for your interest in the Iron Age brand!

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