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Premium & Handcrafted Guitar Picks

Here you will find all of our miscellaneous plectrums, as well as our entire lineup from the various guitar pick collections.
For our rare & most exclusive guitar picks, check out our >Limited Edition Guitar Picks< page.

Our picks are for those who are dedicated to their craft, just as we are.
For the discerning fretboard warrior who values the best in luxury plectrums, and those looking to make every note count & take your picking to the next level.
Whether you're a studio artist, vintage collector, or a hard charging road warrior ready to hit the stage... We've got something special to set you & your music apart.
So choose your weapon, aim high, & strum away with confidence.

All of our picks are crafted in-house using precision machining and finished by hand.
Whether you like thicker plectrums or a more agile profile, your new favorite pick is waiting to be discovered.
We also have the ability to >personalize picks< or create your own signature >custom picks< by the dozen.

Please note that these picks are produced in micro batches to keep quality & consistency as our top values.
Coupled with our picks being in high demand, it can take anywhere from 5-10 days for us to complete your order.
Your patience is appreciated.

Interested in learning more about choosing the right guitar pick for you?
Check out our in-depth >Ultimate Guide To Guitar Picks<
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