Featured Kaotic Guitar Picks - ZenSabi

A Harmonious Fusion of Art & Imperfection

Embrace the essence of "wabi sabi" & Zen philosophy as you strum away towards enlightenment.

Unforeseen circumstances have created this perfectly imperfect masterpiece. The result was a pick boasting tiny bubble holes on the top face which was originally unintended.

Does it detract from its allure & uniqueness, or is it a testament of beauty found in flaws?

Crafted with cold precision, this 9mm exquisite pick features a captivating & warm color scheme of red, gold, black, and white. Some picks include glimmers of translucence, while they all have a wondrous layer of iridescent flakes.

As your fingers glide over the satin finish, there is a sense of serenity, confidence, and legacy. That is, a legacy of artistry that has been passed down from one artist to another.

It’s your turn to create, what will you play?

Whether you're a seasoned musician or a passionate beginner, this pick is all about new perspectives. So get ready to embark on a musical odyssey, transcend into something new, and let your music flow with newfound inspirations.

Dimensions: 34.5*29 & 9mm Thick
Each sold separately. Each pick is one-of-a-kind. Limited to 35 Picks.

Imperfect beauty,
Guitar picks, unique and flawed,
Melodies take flight.

Available August 4 @ 12pm Central


About Featured Kaotic Guitar Picks

The picks listed here are our latest "special editions" that are made specially from resin art poured by Justin of Kaotic Artworks.

They are only available in limited quantities with 2nd batches being unlikely, so each run of picks is totally unique.

This page will have Kaotic guitar picks swapped, rotated out, or new variations occasionally added/removed once an entire batch is sold out. With that said, come check this page out form time to time to see if we have any new additions to the line up.

These are some of our most exclusive guitar picks available so we cannot offer custom engravings on them. Engraving comes with a risk of failure & that is not something we're willing to roll the dice on with such limited quantities & special picks.

About Kaotic Artworks

We have been working with Justin of Kaotic Artworks since 2019 (with the creation of the Bifrost pick) yet he has been pouring resin art for over 20 years!

He is a master of his craft in creating unique reality-defying pieces of art using various resins such as epoxy, urethane, & acrylics.

His artwork has been featured by craftsmen of all types, and has been used to craft everything from knives, to jewelry, guitars, & now our plectrums.

>>Read more about Justin here<<

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