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A Pinnacle of Art & Strategy
The Chosen Symbol For Valor & Knowledge

Minerva, the roman goddess who is said to have sprung to life in full battle-dress.
She's armed with a spear & a divine wisdom from the gods,
ready to overcome any challenges set forth.

Minerva's virtue still echoes through the ages today;
through medals of honor, state seals, & institutions of higher learning.

Don't let the rosy tint allude you otherwise,
this is a guitar plectrum for those who stop at nothing.

The Minerva Plectrum is painstakingly handcrafted from a small batch
of phosphorescent "cell-cast" acrylic; Only the highest quality.

It's a soft pink color & radiates a cool blue glow in darker settings.
To charge for the brightest glow, a UV blacklight works best.
Sunlight is also very effective, but indoor light sources will also produce a lesser charge.

Features a coarse-brushed finish & engraving for a firm grip.
While the edges & playing point are carefully shaped by hand
with the intent of producing the most fluid playing experience.

The edges are also finished in a matte texture.
While it doesn't produce a glassy feel, it's far from gritty.
It's a balanced medium which is still very smooth & feels substantial when striking any note.

This 1st batch of 2019 is limited to 50 Minerva picks.
For Jazz-styled glow picks made in the same vein, check out the Helios-3 picks.
Secure yours today & ready to strum forth triumphantly.

Dimensions: 30*26, 3mm Thick

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