Motor City Agate
A Piece of America's Automotive History

Despite the name,
Detroit "Motor City" agate,
these are actually NOT stone or agate at all.

The material used in these Corvette picks,
is the result of layers upon layers of automotive enamel.
It's the accumulation of over-spray & run-off from painting racks
which was then baked & hardened over time.

It's the byproduct of a time when vehicles were hand-painted,
a time before machine automation,
and before cars became just another electronic device.

It's a token of another era
which hails from the assembly lines of Detroit Michigan,
the birthplace of America's auto industry.

The material itself can be a rare find
and typically is used for small jewelry,
however it's much too soft to be used as an actual guitar pick.

So the solution developed in this case,
was to cast a hard resin material as the playing tip.
The result was a hybrid with the distinct look of Fordite,
and the functionality as a playing piece.

One-off Batch
These Corvette picks have been in the making for some time
and required further development before being brought to life.

Being a car enthusiast, they were more of a personal project.
I was instantly intrigued by the unique composition
and history of the material itself,
but thought other car fans might appreciate it too.

A total of 13 were made
of which only 12 will be available.
These are not planned to be part of a more permanent line up
like the glowing Helios or Minervas.

Mainly because material of this quality & format is difficult to find.
But also because there were no Ford "Model T's" back in the Iron Age,
despite it feeling like it's been so long :)

So a re-make is not being considered anytime soon.

But if you're a car enthusiast too,
or know someone who likes cars AND guitars,
this would definitely make for a cool one-of-a-kind gift.
(Seriously, you won't find too many Fordite picks in existence)

Because there's a risk of engravings
not being 100% exact or centered,
these picks are not available for engraving.

(more common picks are simply thrown out
when engravings are not up to standard)

However if you would like to have a 1.5mm hole drilled
to use this as a key-chain or necklace,
simply leave a comment in the "Order Notes".

You can also just send an email message with your order #
and request it that way. There is no extra charge for this.

Each pick is approximately 30 * 25.5
and 5mm thick

Each one is available, labeled, & pictured individually.
So what you see is the exact one you'll receive.

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