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Charles Caswell Signature Pick (Batch 2)

Innovate & Create
Dedication That's In A Class of Its Own

If you don't already know,
Charles Caswell IS Berried Alive.

While not for the faint of heart,
there's no denying the extraordinary effort put into his compositions.
His over-the-top technicality & creative genius is something to behold.

From riffs that hit like a surgical sledge-hammer,
to face-melting leads across the board,
and intricate kill-switch techniques.

This very pick model has become one of Charles' go-to picks.
It's based on the limited edition "Helios-3" glow picks,
which have long been out of circulation.

The Sun Rises Once Again
So essentially the Helios-3s have returned in an exclusive run of 7 dozen (84) picks.
These feature the same brushed texture for grip,
and are hand-beveled for smooth fluid playing.

The bevels themselves are finished in a satin texture,
making the pick attack ever-slightly more pronounced.

The material for this latest batch is black ultem.
It was mentioned that the previous material was hard to get & it held true this time around. After a 2 month wait, it was still unattainable so we had to improvise.

We Still Came Up On Top Though
This material is harder & more durable than the acrylic from the 1st batch,
the fact that it was black as opposed to the common amber color, sealed the deal.

So not only do you get more play time out of each pick, but there is also more of a high-end response when picking due to the hardness & finish on the edges.

Speaking of edges, the point on this 2nd batch is slightly more pointed!
Same dimensions, with a more precise tip & familiar brushed finish.

Tone, grip, durability, & killer looks - It's all there.

The signature Strawberry & Crossed Bones is still there too.
This time with a green UV-reactive inlay, which is the brightest & easiest to see.

(We tried red but there was simply NOT enough glow!)

Support The Artist
Much like the Dave Dunsire signature picks,
when you purchase one of these Berried Alive picks,
Charles will receive HALF of the proceeds.

If you're a fan or want to show your support for hard-working musicians,
you can help directly & receive a rarity in return.

Bonuses For This Batch
This time there will be a 1 in 6 chance to win an Iron Age Agate Pick.

There's 7 dozen picks, so every 12 picks there will be a random order to receive 1 black agate (standard) pick, and another will receive a red agate (jazz) pick.

That's a total of 14 free stone picks being given out!
If you've never played one, you might find them to be incredible smooth playing.
These retail for $22-24 each & can be found >here<

Don't Miss Out
Only 84 picks are being made available for this signature series.

** Please note that this listing is for a pre-order, and all picks will begin shipping the first week of December! Also beware that the last day of November is thee last day to put in an order for these.

Support the artist & small business, pre-order today!

Here's what's included & some of the features:

  • Limited edition exclusive (Only 84 being made)
  • New black ultem material w/ green UV-reactive logo
  • Coarse brushed texture for grip
  • Lightly brushed bevels for a smooth attack & plenty of bite.
  • Pick is handcrafted in the USA w/ US-sourced materials
  • 50% Profits go direct to the artist
  • One-in-six orders include a free agate stone pick
  • Does it Djent? You better believe it does.

Order will begin shipping the 1st week of December
Pick Dimensions: 28*27mm ~3mm thick

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