Charles Caswell Signature Pick (Ver4)

Innovate & Create
Dedication That's In A Class of Its Own

If you don't already know,
Charles Caswell is the mastermind behind Berried Alive.

While not for the faint of heart,
there's no denying the extraordinary effort put into his compositions.
His over-the-top technicality & creative genius is something to behold.

From riffs that hit like a surgical sledge-hammer,
to face-melting leads across the board,
and intricate kill-switch techniques.

This very pick model has become one of Charles' go-to picks.
It's based on the limited edition "Helios-3" glow picks,
which come & go out of circulation.

So essentially the Helios-3s have returned in an exclusive run of 50 picks. 
These feature a fully polished design that bring out the pearl aesthetic of the material,
and are hand-beveled for smooth fluid playing.

The material for this latest batch is a cast acrylic with a thickness of about 4.5mm
It's a bit softer than the previous black ultem versions (Ver 2), but are arguably more interesting to look at. Featuring a pearlescent purple base, a slight translucence when backlit, & a bright glow-in-the-dark engraving.

Support The Artist
Much like previous signature picks,
when you purchase one of these Berried Alive picks,
Charles & Kaylie will receive HALF of the proceeds.

If you're a fan or want to show your support for hard-working musicians,
you can help directly & receive a rarity in return.

Shipping Dates

This is not a pre-order, picks are 100% finished & ready to ship out immediately.

Please no personalized engraving requests on these picks since they're already completely polished.

Each pick sold separately (individually).

Batch Limited to 50 picks

Pick Dimensions: 28*27mm ~5.25mm thick

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