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LED Guitar Kill switch
Stainless Steel (Toggle-Latching)

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Let There Be Silence
Kill The Signal In Between Sets
Everyone is looking for something that sets them apart.
An uncommon sound.
That's because if we're truly saying something,
that expression will belong to us and to nobody else.
To that end,
many of us search for things that will allow us to exhibit our creativity
and make a statement that feels radically different.
Adding a killswitch to your gear arsenal is like adding an entirely new dimension to your dynamics,
a different way to express & shape your musical phrasing.

After all,
sometimes it's not What you say, but How you say it.
Not only that,
but a spectacular augmentation such as this one,
can certainly open new avenues of creativity for you to explore.
Iron Age killswitches - Simple, versatile and hugely powerful.

How They Work:
Similar to our other kill switches, these work by cutting power to your pickups while activated.
The difference is that these feature a latching mechanism,
so once you press the button, the signal is grounded out until you press the button again.
This allows you to silence your guitar in between songs & quickly re-engage to a full blast of sound.
Although it's not a quick as the momentary versions,
you can still use these rhythmically & in simultaneously with your playing to
create a staccato/machinegun effect.
The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between them.”

These switches can be used with both passive & active pickups.
Installation is very similar to our regular LED "momentary" Killswitch models as they have the same wiring layout. There is not indicator dot on the back for these but the LED+ & LED- are clearly marked.

*Color wires may vary depending on LED color

For in depth instructions, check out our provided
installation guides & FAQ.

Hundreds of satisfied customers have transformed their guitars into outstanding gems flawlessly;
because of the resources we've provided & our willingness to help.
Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions using the red tab to the right.

No more bulky kill-boxes or flimsy buttons!
Each killswitch features a polished stainless steel look that's both
rugged & embodies superior durability.

Each one is pre-wired to facilitate installation & save you time.
Because of this, an install can be done well within an hour (tops) with just some basic wiring/soldering skills

Each switch has a slightly raised button so you can pinpoint its location without missing a beat on stage.
The button has a satisfying click & a smooth release for functionality that inspires confidence.

3 LED colors are available in this finish & ready to light up any stage!

Each package includes:
  • 1 Pre-wired LED Kill-switch
  • 1 Rubber gasket to protect your guitar's finish
  • 1 150 ohms resistor for your LED

**Installation kits & drill bits are optional (sold separately)
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