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Rosewood Guitar Picks (Singles)

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The Root Of Extraordinary Tone
Deliberate Picking Through a Comfortable Hold

The Most Prominent Timber in Guitars
With a majority of luthiers & players favoring it for its rich & warm tones,
Rosewood is certainly a top contender that comes to mind.
A staple to outstanding guitar sound.

This is why select pieces of Indian Rosewood are chosen for the craft.
From dark & spongy shades of chocolate
to vibrant, reddish hues akin to mahogany.

The Common Question
So do these picks really change the sound of your tone?
Well, the simple answer is yes.

After all, the rosewood has its own signature timbre,
much different than that of common plastics.

However the change is truly inspired
by the way these picks feel in your hand.

When you've got a comfortable hold,
your hand relaxes.

With a calm picking hand,
your picking becomes just that much more deliberate.

Couple that with the wood's natural surface grip,
and you've got a recipe for excellent picking control.

It's expression that flows at your fingertips.

A Word of Warning
It must be noted however,
that these picks are not for everyone.

All good things must come to an end,
and with some heavy thrashing,
your precious pick's expectancy
might quickly diminish.


If you're a player who savors every last emotion
of their song,
one who makes every note sing to its fullest...

These picks will bring you many
joyous sessions of playing.

What About Specifics?

There's 2 shapes, the 'standard' which is about the size of a regular pick, only a tad sharper, and the 'tri-pick' of about the same size.

The biggest difference being their thickness. The standard is 2.5mm & tripicks are closer to 3.5mm

That sounds pretty hefty but still very playable for calmer styles of playing.

There's also two flavors as far as tri-picks are concerned, the lighter Santos Rosewood (Bolivian) and the more common Indian Rosewood.


** All picks are sold individually



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