Featured Kaotic Picks - Icarus Dream

The Plectrum with Limitless Ambition

The dangers of flying too high are hubris, while flying too low are stagnation. You might be pleased to find that failure is a possibility no matter what you do, So will you take the risk, and leave all you know, for a chance at freedom?

The "Icarus Dream" embodies the drive that makes us pursue a goal with reckless abandon. It is for those with burning inspirations & unafraid to soar the skies!
But be careful, ambitions of this magnitude must be wielded responsibly; You wouldn't want to plummet to the sea, nor live & regret never having tried.

This pick is a product of the creative mind of Kaotic Artworks,
and the meticulous hands of Iron Age craftsmen. Together wielding a plectrum that pushes the boundaries of guitar picks, artistry, and imagination.

What could you accomplish with limitless ambition?

This pick features a thick 10mm tapered profile that sits comfortably in between your fingers. If that’s not enough to keep it firmly in place, we’ve also finished the Icarus Dream in a smooth satin texture. This soft velvety texture helps with grip but also adds a slight drag when picking that ever-slightly accentuates pick attack.

Each pick is totally unique & made from a solid slab of resin art material. To us, the textures resemble the sea foam of the Icarian Sea… The color scheme features dreamy purples that light up with intensity under UV blacklight, and golden accents with pearlescent blues to symbolize the waves & solar aspects of the myth.

Measure Approx: 34.5*29 & 10mm Thick
Each sold separately. Each pick is one-of-a-kind. Limited to 35 Picks.

Do you dare take flight? Order yours today.

 Available November 11 @ 12pm Central

About Featured Kaotic Guitar Picks

The picks listed here are our latest "special editions" that are made specially from resin art poured by Justin of Kaotic Artworks.
They are only available in limited quantities with 2nd batches being unlikely, so each run of picks is totally unique.

This page will have Kaotic guitar picks swapped, rotated out, or new variations occasionally added/removed once an entire batch is sold out. With that said, come check this page out form time to time to see if we have any new additions to the line up.

These are some of our most exclusive guitar picks available so we cannot offer custom engravings on them. Engraving comes with a risk of failure & that is not something we're willing to roll the dice on with such limited quantities & special picks.

About Kaotic Artworks

We have been working with Justin of Kaotic Artworks since 2019 (with the creation of the Bifrost pick) yet he has been pouring resin art for over 20 years!

He is a master of his craft in creating unique reality-defying pieces of art using various resins such as epoxy, urethane, & acrylics.

His artwork has been featured by craftsmen of all types, and has been used to craft everything from knives, to jewelry, guitars, & now our plectrums.

>>Read more about Justin here<<
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