PVRP(LE) MG Imperator

The Royal Flush - Form, Finish, & Function
A Limited Edition Collectible For The Modern Guitarist

This is an exclusive batch of TWO distinct picks made for the Modern Guitarist (MG) group,
which if you haven't heard of before, you might want to check out here.
It's a great community with everything relating to modern guitar playing,
everything from gear, to artists, to playing techniques & everything in between.

The Material
It's been over a year since we made the first ever "PVRP" picks
for the MG community, and this time we're bringing an acrylic version
and also a stone composite version!

The stone composite features fluid swirls of purple hues
that permeate through the entire pick.
It's a material made from pulverized stone mixed with purple pigments & acrylic.
There will only be 15 picks made from this special composite.

The 2nd version is made from our more traditional acrylic
as used on our flagship blue pearl Imperator picks.
The material used here features pearlescent streaks
which appear to be suspended in a translucent purple base.
A total of 35 acrylic picks will be made available for this batch.

The Finish
The stone composite picks will feature a satin finish on the faces
for a fine velvet feel & grip.
The sides are done in a semi-gloss polish to bring out a nice
two-tone aesthetic & also provide a smoother picking experience.

The acrylic Imperators will feature a full polish
to let the pearlescent effect really shine through
and provide some slick picking across the strings.

The Features
include a UV reactive MG logo on both picks which glows aqua in the dark.
It can be charged with direct sunlight or a UV blacklight for the most intensity.

For the stone pick you will find a debossed "Modern Guitarist" engraving
to further distinguish this model from any other Imperator.

And the acrylic pick will have "Iron Age" above it,
also filled with the UV aqua-glow resin.

the stone composite Imperator has a small hole drilled at the top
for use as a pendant or in a keychain. A micro-lanyard is included with these.

The stone pick has a slim tapered profile with minimal bevels
and comes in at approximately 3.25mm

The acrylic version has the more traditional rounded bevels
as seen on the original Imperator.
This versions comes it at approximately 4.25mm

Both are about 35.5 by 27.5mm in size,
which is relative to the common "351" pick shape
but with a sharper point & distinct "crown" features.

Shipping Date
Both pick versions are ready to ship ASAP.
These picks are NOT on pre-order
so there's no need to wait.

They will ship either immediately or in 1-2 days time.

Quantities available:

x15 Stone Composite MG Imperators

x35 Acrylic MG Imperators

Each Sold Individually

*Due to the limited slots,
custom engraving is not available on the stone composite picks.

** Each pick will have its own unique pattern, no two will be the same