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Brass & Copper "Ducat" Classics

Mellow Down & Tune Up
Bright & Articulate Tones To Unwind

It's like an everlasting chime of a bell, sweet & resonant as it strums across the strings.
These aren't your conventional picks, but likewise, produce a unique sound of their own.

Each is carefully hand-finished from refined brass & copper alloys which are relatively soft metals, which means they won't harm your strings like harder steel or titanium picks.

(On the MOH hardness scale, brass & copper are a 3, Steel is 4-4.5, and titanium is 6.)
Still, they're sturdy enough to last you hours upon hours of enjoyable usage.

The tone is articulate; the feel is pleasantly smooth as they glide across the strings. That's because we refine our bevels to a buttery smooth contour before polishing them to a perfectly reflective finish. Not only do they looks incredible but the sound & feel you get from strumming with one of these is on par.

Perhaps best of all, is the grip characteristics available here. Not only does each pick feature a deep engraving but each face also has a brush-textured finish. It's a subtle detail but allows that much more grip & provides a nice contrast the pristine polished edges.

It really is a great feeling pick. It's weighty & with plenty of heft. It almost feels like you're holding a coin, which is why we've nicknamed them "Ducats" after the currency used in Europe during the middle ages.

Need a well-made pick for strumming arpeggios or jammin' some hot leads? 
This will do, plus take on some chunky rhythms, clean acoustic passages, & more. It's a great "chill out" pick for the end of the day when you just want to kick back, tune up, & strum a lick.

Outstanding option for Bass & Mandolin too!

Size & specs? Just a hair sharper that our traditional delrin picks (Shown), and a generous 1.25mm in thickness. Each is sold separately & each is hand-finished with an eye towards excellence.

Definitely a must try if you've never played a metal pick or have only used the more common steel picks from large manufacturers, some of which are simply punched out pieces of metal - without bevels or effort to make them a playable piece of gear.

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