Bone & Horn Spearheads Picks

Plunge Headfirst Into New Sonic Territory
Sharp & Precise Picking
Bone nuts & saddles are used to enhance your tone,
so why not infuse your playing a step further?

If the jazz xl is in the middle, and the 3 is slightly to its left, then—in terms of aggression—spearheads are in a western neighboring state.
These picks are sharp—both physically and sonically.
Looking like something you would find on a battlefield,
these picks are designed with clarity, precision and all-out shredding in mind.
The sound of the spearhead is unlike any other pick.
It's impressive in appearance & incredibly sharp.
The attack has a fierce bite, and the decay is very fast, so that the overall sound is extremely pointed.
These are our most aggressive picks - Highly articulate & with great precision.
Holding one of these feels like holding a weapon designed for rapid fire.
These picks are perfect for all sorts of Metal, Shred and Rock.

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