Bone & Horn JazzXL Picks

Make Every Note Count
That's The Tone Of Acclaim

When a seasoned player seeks to stay on top of his game,
on beat & with precision...
They often prefer one thing, that's Picking Control.

These picks are crafted to be the sharpest tools in the shed
when it comes to being in the exact time & place where you need them.

Whether you're letting epic pinch-harmonics roll off your fingertips
or flying free across the fretboard.
There's no delay,
no drag on these picks to hold you back.

Did we mention their versatility?
If you need an all around go-getter, this pick will do it all from bluesy pentatonic soloing & 12 bar blues,
to brutal chugging & string-skipping madness.
When used on an acoustic guitar, the result is a shimmering tone that will revitalize the way you play your instrument.

Get your handcrafted pick today!
You might even consider this,
your new "go-to" pick.

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Bone or Horn

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