Bone & Horn Jazz3 Picks

BIG Tone - Small Package
Timeless J3 Style
There's a reason many seasoned guitarists prefer such a low-profile pick.
That's because they allows for maximum picking control, dynamic playing, and are downright nimble compared to larger picks.

From daring string-skips to blistering swept arpeggios,
this is for those who demand 100% precision in their day to day playing.

Obviously with a pick this size, losing your grip can sometimes be a concern
However since these measure in at about 2.25mm thick, they really give you something to hold on to.
We re-enforce this by providing you with dual grip-holes which are finished around the edge with a coarse grit.

You've got really try to have one of these slip away - It's all about picking control & keeping you on point, note after note.
Special attention is taken when crafting the tip to assure great playability.
These picks are then polished to a high degree to allow a quick & snappy attack on the strings.

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Bone or Horn

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