Bone & Horn Jazz RT Picks

When Considerable Skill Meets Smooth Articulation
It's Not Just Theory

Not everyone wants to sound sharp and hard, and not every situation calls for a pick with the jazz 3’s edge.

The Jazz RT (Round Tip) is the pick for any players who want the volume and midrange boost of bone or horn
but also value comfort, grip, & smooth playability.
The rounded tip of this pick creates a mellow, soft tone.
Whereas the jazz 3, for instance, comes on fast and dies quickly, the jazz rt comes on slow and lingers.
It's considerably warmer than either the jazz 3 or the jazz xl, but can also be translated as a fuller sound.
This pick is very comfortable.
Large and round, it sits between your fingers easily and provides a lot of pick to get ahold of.
If you have problems dropping your pick, this may be a great choice for you.
While not as precise as some of our other picks,
it provides—in a different way—more control, since there is so much more of it to manipulate.
The sound of the JRT is smooth, easy, & laidback.
Its rounded tip cuts treble slightly as it boosts the midrange (particularly the low mids), which makes it perfect for certain applications.
This pick is made for the blues (in particular the kind of blues that calls for a soft, gentle tone)
and certain kinds of jazz (in particular mellow, contemplative Jazz).
A favorite of many guitarists who don’t want the attack and decay of traditional picks.

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