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How To Choose The Right Guitar Strings For Drop-Tuning

How To Choose The Right Guitar Strings For Drop-Tuning

April 20, 2016 0 Comments

Here's a short How-To by Roxas DemonSlayer for those who've been wanting to learn how to drop tune your guitar. Included are some tips on choosing the right guitar string gauges to accomplish your desired pitch & a short video at the end. We'll skip all the technicalities & get right to it!

Here is what you need to drop tune your guitar:

1: The right guitar string set
2: The correct type of guitar
3: A guitar tuner

Guitar Sting Gauges

The lower the number, the lighter the strings, .009s being considered a "light string" while .0013's being quite thick. A light string like a set of 9s can be down tuned but not by much because they will quickly become flimsy & loose. Going with a thicker string will solve this problem but again will only take you so low until a thicker gauge is needed.

The Right Guitar Needed

Any standard 6 string guitar will allow you to safely drop down to "Drop C Tuning". To go any lower than than that, you can risk damaging your guitar's neck by overloading it with tension it wasn't designed to handle. To go any lower in tuning, a Baritone Guitar is recommended because they're made to handle that much tension in order to play at a lower pitch. They're basically a middle ground between a standard 6 string & a bass guitar, or you can simply opt for a 7 string guitar which will allow the most flexibility when choosing your desired pitch. Plus you get an extra string!


Last but not least, be sure to have a guitar tuner handy to make your at the correct pitch you want to be at.



How To Drop Tune Your Guitar & Choose The Correct String Gauges


Here's the guitar string cheat-sheet mentioned in the video:

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