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Sims Cashion - Up & Coming Virtuoso

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While we all have our own guitar heroes of the past, the question for the present is, who will carry the torch of our revered instrument into the next generation. Hailing from Anderson South Carolina, this young guitarist has been quickly gaining recognition as a prodigy on the fretboard. If you're active on the various social medias, you might of heard of him by now, his name is Sims Cashion.     In that quick warm up above, Sims is shown at the age of 15, and has taken interest in playing guitar since the early age of 9 years old. Below you'll get some personal insight into his approach, playing tips he uses in his practice, and his current involvement with music. So how did he come about with such technical prowess on the strings? According to Sims:
"My dad always had music gear around our house and I decided to take to guitar right before I had turned 10. I took lessons from Jean Marc Belkadi and mainly learned from watching instructional videos from Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, and many others..."

Current Works & Contributions

Sims Cashion has been putting in work with several acts, and has landed some exceptional guest appearances with some renowned artists. His latest venture was with the band Carnifex on their latest album "Slow Death" where he exhibits a monstrous solo that perfectly meshes technicality & melodic elements.

Other collaborations include works with Dan Sugarman (Ex-As Blood Runs Black) & Julian Cifuentes to name a few.


Upcoming Musical Endeavors

Apart from his evident & advanced technical mastery, Sims is on currently working on crafting his first solo album. He mentioned that he's taking the time to produce the best product his ability can bear. He says:
I want to be able to stand by my music just like i do with the companies i represent. Integrity is everything to me.
With all these brilliant guest appearances, we're left wondering: When's the album dropping?
 I'll be completely honest on this hahaha, I'm taking my time completely on writing a solo album, I have a lot of material and ideas that I've recorded and have sitting on the back burner. However, I'm more about putting out the sickest album I can, not putting out an album just so I can say I put out an album when I was 16. I want to release my best playing, but with my best songwriting as well. I'm confident the two can coexist easily. I don't want to put a date or time frame for this to be done. I just don't want to let anyone down/surprise anyone if I make it a lot earlier than expected. If I had to,  I'd say within the next year to year and a half.  

Sims' Top 3 Personal Playing Tips:

When it comes to progressing as a guitarist, the 3 most important things that have changed my playing are:
  • One, knowing how to relax when you play, this is most important to me, because, when you play you want to play effortlessly, you don't want to pop a brain vessel trying to get a new lick/technique down. Relaxing is key to that completely, work on your breathing and feeling relaxed in your wrists and all down your arms.
  • The second would be listening to different music than the music you intend to play and write in. If you change what you're putting into yourself, you're going to hchange what comes out.
  • The third thing that really changed my playing, was knowing when to be hard on yourself. There's definitely a balance that people need to understand and that's that being to hard on yourself will make you hate it (playing). You can benefit a ton from it, however it can begin to feel more like a job or chore at times.
    • On the other hand, If you're not hard enough on yourself, then you stay in the same spot that you've been trying to get out of. Basically you stay stuck while being content, which is fine if you're okay with your current progress - There's nothing wrong with that. I think that's amazing because you still love it at that point.
    • When you're in a rut, take a break for a few days, maybe even a week to two weeks. Playing guitar shouldn't be strained & sometimes people make it so. When you're feeling out of it, then you're going to be out of it until something changes. That doesn't mean straining to do more when you can't even feel confident to play what you already know, take breaks.

Major Influences

Sims mentions that some of his major influences that have sparked & kept the fire burning to excel at guitar are:
  • Wes Hauch
  • Tosin Abasi
  • Paul Gilbert
  • John Petrucci
  • Jason Richardson
  • CHON
  • Rick Graham.
While this is not his definite list, there’s a lot more that go into this category.

Put Your Skills To The Test

For those seeking to learn a new riff or two, Sims also offers quite a few of creative tabs to push your abilities. From string-skipping madness to exotic scales & inversions, there's quite a bit to push your current abilities.

Sims Cashion Guitar Lick

Sample Lick From His Library

Try that one on for size, or check out his growing expanse of tab-packs to get your fingers twisted.

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Sims Cashion - Up & Coming Virtuoso

Sims is a a young guitarist & song writer on the rise. He's shown to posses not only the technical ability to perform like the best of them, but shows an imminent & promising future in music. Sims is currently sponsored by Roehrs Guitars, signed to Instrumental Pickups, and working with the company Positive Grid.  

What's his biggest playing tip to all aspiring musicians?

 I honestly feel like breaks are the best way to get out of a plateau.Playing guitar is just as much a mental game as it is a physical game. Having your head feel fresh will make your playing sound fresh and you feel that way too.
Although, if you just want to improve technique I say practice is key. Just not a boring "30 minutes sweep picking, 30 alternate picking, 30 oh-my-god-I-want-to-bang-my-head against a wall now. I mean more so creating an exercises you like; something creative, and that sounds good to you.
Create things and musical pieces that challenge you in every aspect of your playing, and practice them as long as you feel you can. 
Just remember that where your head is, is where your playing is going to end up. So if you play until you feel bored, then your playing is going to sound boring to you. You put out, and project what you feel.

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